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The Trinity course administration system performs all of the day-to-day administration tasks associated with constructing and administering a professional training course from registration to production of training evaluation summaries.

Offering a comprehensive course administration system, Trinity simplifies the entire process of developing, administering and evaluating courses. The secret to Trinity's success is that it was developed in close cooperation with professional course administrators and instructors -- the people who will use the system most. In harnessing the expertise of actual users, Trinity offers direct and indirect cost reduction benefits and a whole host of other benefits and features.

Business value

  • Reduces administration and planning cost and time
  • Enables feedback from each course to make improvements
  • Provides greater accuracy in invoicing data
  • Handles higher volumes with greater efficiency
  • Enables auto-mail dialog with participants
  • Reduces direct and indirect costs

Trinity is an open source solution developed by Redpill Linpro in Python and the Django web framework. Django is a high-level Python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.Trinity is itself provided under a GPL compatible license.

Trinity offers:

  • Simple user friendly registration routines from your web sites 
  • Presentation layer by your own web or offered by us to adapt your graphical design 
  • Easy tracking of each applicant’s registration status 
  • High quality communication with potential participants and staff involved in the course process 
  • Generic emails for automatic information to participants 
  • Site administration, addresses, countries, cities, locations, 
  • Sales administration 
  • Improved resource utilisation (course, instructors, locations, class-rooms) 
  • Flexible course planning allows part-time modular courses as well as full-time continuous courses to be designed 
  • Helps ensure optimum utilisation of placement locations 
  • Flexibility to handle re-allocation and revision of placements 
  • Warns of over-allocations and can be examined for under utilization 
  • Handles currency price list 
  • Historical, tentative and confirmed course status 
  • Outcome reports summaries evaluations and experience gained 
  • Helps ensure that key course elements are not missed through absence 
  • Standard and ad-hoc reports aid decision making; calendar, cours e list

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More information about Trinity is to be find here: product sheet! 

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