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Are you using or depending on enterprise Java™ applications or services?

Let us introduce you to a cost-effective platform that lets you run heavy and transactional Java EE 6 applications with the same speed and ease as you run web applications on Tomcat and Jetty.

Are you looking for a faster, more flexible and fun (open source) alternative to commercial offerings?

Take the Redpill and let us show you how JBoss surpasses competitors like IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic and SAP NetWeaver.

Why is JBoss 7 so blazingly fast and flexible?

"...it is designed around Ahmdahl's law (effective parallelization of work) as opposed to Moore's law (waiting for hardware with a faster clock rate)." --Jason Green

"JBoss Modules is clean and elegant solution and gives developers what they need – full control!" --Grzegorz Grzybek

 For a complete product overview please visit the JBoss Community.

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Case study

Redpill Linpro hjälpte oss att integrera våra egna system med JBoss 7. Versionen var i ett tidigt skede i utvecklingen och vi hade ett stort behov av expertstöd, något som Redpill Linpro kunde ge oss. När man jobbar med Community-versionen finns inte samma support som vid Enterprise-versionen så det känns tryggt att ha någon som kan JBoss ordentligt.

Matrin Fridh, systemarkitekt på Max Matthiessen


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“With the JBoss SOA platform and Redpill Linpro’s ICC concept, we can reduce the implementation time for new integration solutions and services, as well as cutting our development costs. As a result, we will be able to develop more advanced booking systems for our customers more quickly and make faster internal decisions.” 

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Rein Amund Schultz, Head of IT development at NASDAQ OMX, Norway


”We have gained a very good platform that is important for several of our central services surrounding the trading and clearing system. The platform guarantees the necessary information flow so that up-to-date market data is available to our public. Redpill Linpro has done a good job for us.”

Rein-Amund Schultz, Head of IT development at NASDAQ OMX in Norway